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The main activity "VIAL-service" LLP is operational training of personnel of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of industrial safety.

The company is ready to provide services:

  1. Organization of production activities of service companies in the oil and natural gas industry (drilling, workover, geological and technological investigations, inspection, geophysical investigations and other operations in wells, test wells, and others);
  2. Organization of the explosive case, the organization works with sources of ionizing radiation;
  3. Development of declaration of safety;
  4. Bringing the enterprise into compliance with qualification requirements and preparation of documents for obtaining a license for the type of activity;
  5. Preparation of documents for obtaining licenses to import of commodities;
  6. Development regulations, production schedules, model projects, guidelines, procedures and recommendations;
  7. Well logs digitizing.

By training on industrial safety and to perform other work involved in operating business professionals with rich industrial experience. The company is ready to provide training services for staff both in its own database and on-site at the base of the Customer.

Their activities "VIAL-service" LLP is based on the Certificate of the Committee for State Control of Emergencies and Industrial Safety Emergency Ministry of Kazakhstan № 0000574 dated October 20, 2008 and License Committee on Atomic Energy Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of RK № 0002000 of November 18, 2008.

Our licenses and certificates:

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