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Alyakishev Viktor Nikolaevich - director LLP «VIAL-service»


1. Adress&phones: 89-105, Abulkhair khan av., Aktobe city, Republic of the Kazakhstan.

Phone: (7132) 57-25-33, mobile: +77776422107.

2. Work experience:

2005 – director LLP «VIAL-service».

2009 november – 2010 february – Manager of Licensing and Certification branch «WEUS Holding Ink.» in Kazakhstan.

2005–2009 – director of the department of licensing and certification, director of production management and head of radiation safety JSC «Wireline Oilfield Services».

2006–2007 – combining: Technical Manager LLP «KazDYNAenergetics» (organization of activities on the acquisition and realization of explosive material).

2002–2005 – combination: Head of Production and Technical Department «LLP TEHNOTEK«, the organization of production activities in the field of well workover operation and geophysical investigation works wells.

1999–2005 – head of production management and head of radiation safety JSC «Wireline Oilfield Services».

1997–1999 – Safety engineer and work safety and head of radiation safety  JSC «Munaygeofizika».

1994–1997 – Geophysicist logging crew JSC «Munaygeofizika».

1993–1994 – senior engineer in the technical department of the business organizations «Kazpromgeofizika».

1991–1993 – Geophysicist 1 category for well logging Aktobe expedition geophysical investigations of wells.

1990-1991 - Senior Geophysicist Department of Geology and head of Radiation Safety PGO "Zapkazgeologiya".

1987-1990 - senior geophysicist at the geological department and head of Radiation Safety PGO "Zapkazgeologiya".

1982-1987 - Chief of Detachment Experimental Methodological Expedition PGO "Zapkazgeologiya".

1979-1982 - Geophysicist. Experimental-Methodical Expedition PGO "Zapkazgeologiya".

3. Education:

Higher Education, Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, graduated in 1979, specializing "Mining Engineering Geophysics" with the right leadership in blasting operations.

4. The skills:

Organization of production activities geophysical enterprise (geophysical research and work in the wells).

Leadership in blasting operations.

Organization of production activities using radioactive sources.

Leadership Service of Radiation Safety.

Organization of production of the company for drilling and workover.

Organization of production of the company on the acquisition and implementation of explosive materials.

Design and participation in the surface and subsurface geochemical and geophysical investigations of ore and nonmetallic minerals, water, bitumen, oil, gas and for geological survey areas.

Expertise of reports on the geochemical and geophysical investigations in the geological survey areas.

Preparation of specialists on radiological and industrial safety.

Radiometric survey areas, a radiometric inspection of the premises.

8. Other information:

- common shooter's book AK 600511 (the right leadership in blasting operations);

- trained on the course "Internal audit management systems and quality according to international standards ISO 9001:2000» in 2004;

- trained at the Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (educational) (Russia, Moscow) on the course "Radiation Safety and Protection. Radiation monitoring in 2004;

- trained in the institute "Centre for Radiation Protection and Ecology" on the course "Radiation Safety in Industry" in 2008;

- the author recensions on a variety of reports on the geological survey works and exploration works on solid minerals and water;

- co-author of a number of projects and reports on exploration works in prospecting and exploration for solid minerals, petroleum bitumen and water;

- carrying-out of radiometric survey and report writing on Zhanazhol refineries.